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What to write........

So where do begin! This is my 1st Blog and I have no idea what to write! But I will start by saying.........

Im a happy go lucky girl, who will always have a smile and a positive outlook on life no matter what is going on inside. I know more than anyone how life can change in a flash.

Proud to say that im currently in remission and Cancer has a hell of a lot to answer for! Onwards and upwards.

I lost my dad some 17mths ago now, and I believe that my life came to a standstill. In-fact Im positive it has.

So, people find all different ways to deal with grief and I have no idea how to do it then or now. But what I do know, I picked up a camera for the first time a few months after what felt like my world had crumbled.

I was taking pictures of the weather, sunrise, sunsets or anything which allowed me to feel at that time or what I wanted to see.

As you can imagine many landscapes and beautiful sea pictures had been taken and the best thing is.... I live in a beautiful part of the England and the South West truly is my home.

So, I have decided to share with you my photos which can mean so much, to so many people in so many different ways.

Photos really can tell a thousands stories. Each photo means something to everyone in so many different ways.

Feel free to find me on facebook

Tears dry, memories fade but photos will always last a lifetime.

#beproud #happygolucky #femalephotographer #lovethishobbie #lovemakingotherpeoplehappy

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