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Well here we go Welcome 2021!

So, 2021 has arrived, New Year, new beginnings! So My Facebook page is doing really well, I have some amazing feedback and more bookings which is great! Christmas was great and I supplied lots of happy people with custom cards, calendrers and pictures, even managed to do an outdoor Market for Christmas with the help from the best friend of course! :)

I decided to join "Bark" which is great! If you are looking for a professional then this is the place! I have received many bookings and again some great feedback. This is for all types photography from boudoir, family shoots, commercial and Weddings.

Also, I have just ventured into "BrideBook", which allows that Bride or Groom to serach for #local assistance with the Magical Day that they have booked. (Go check me out)

So for me, working Full Time, doing this as a Semi Professional and receiving some great feedback and bookings is amazing. I cannot begin to tell you, how all of this is just a dream come true. My Passion for photography just keeps expanding and I LOVE IT!

Of course I have to mention that all my prints and canvases are all done locally, and living in the SouthWest #shoplocal and #supportlocal is an important part of helping each other out. So thankyou to Easy Print - here comes 2021!

The other person I would like to mention is Studio Earth Custom. This a photographers paradise! and fingers crossed when Covid eases that studio will be finished and I can get in and start shooting!

Enough of me telling you all how great other people! This Blog is me telling you how im doing........

Stay Safe everyone during these times. Please take care of one another.

#staysafe #bekind #lookaftereachother

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