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November and its another Lock down!!

Hello everyone on this cold weekend!

WOW what a last few weeks its been since I last posted. We are now in another lock down, Bloody Covid! BUT Im so very happy to keep my friends and family safe if it means I get to see them again. So people think they are above what goes on, some people believe it wont happen to them. Everyone needs to remember that this is the "New Normal". So tough get use to it!

Now to me...........4 weeks has passed since I last posted and what can I say, I have managed to do more photos, I had to cancel a photo shot, see some amazing fireworks, online for my 2021 calendar, then to top this all off...........I've managed to get to show my work! Oh yes my pictures at Studio Earth Gallery in Bude alongside Easy Print Bude.

The studio is out of this world, anyone that knows me would know just how damn excited I am! I actually got goosebumps when I was there. The passion I have is insane and I cannot begin to put into words just how it makes me feel knowing, how others can see one of my picture and then for it to tell them a story in a thousands different ways.

Saturday today and Im off to take some more pictures of course.! I will be sharing how Mental Health can be shown through photography. Whether you are old or young, male or female. It makes no difference, sometimes our outer shell can be hard and happy but peel that away and we are swimming so fast to keep up with the world.

So for now, and my 2nd blog ever, I will sigh off and say STAY SAFE to everyone.

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