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Hello Summer, Goodbye Lockdown!

So, where shall I begin. Thankyou to everyone who follows me on her and on Facebook. I have had a few months getting bits ready and taking bookings! So Bring on 2021 and 2022. So far the year is looking great! and we shall all pull together and make this Magical.

My wedding photograph has picked up again with easing of restrictions which is great as my and Camera was starting to get a little "Moth Ball" :) No really its great to be part of someone's magical day and share every thing from the special smile to a tear! Even better if you happen to booking your cake with Lucy's Luscious Cakes as well - BOOM! we are on fire! Lucy's has managed to grow a wonderful audience on her fb and most of all her bookings are coming in thick and fast! Together we work so well. "Dream Team" indeed!

So as I have said I have Weddings booked, but always have time for Landscape and family shoots which are just as moving.

I like to think you need to feel what you are taking, believe in your heart what you are taking and them immerse yourself into that era!

Its nearly the end of May and it is very grey outside, I don't do this blogging thingy as much as I should - That's cos I have no idea on it :)

I could go on about politics, Covid, the world and the economy but I would like to keep you engae with me as long as possible.

Remember guys, tomorrow is never promised. So smile big, dream big and believe in yourself!

#photography #weddings #selfbelieve #selfworth #family #dreams

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